1-1 Sessions

The 1-1 sessions are for 7 years old and older. The sessions are for 1 hour.


Small Group Sessions

The small group sessions are sessions of up to 8 participants for 6 years old or older. The sessions are for 1 hour. 

We currently train on Tuesday evenings at Lyons Farm Elementary School.

6-7pm  ages 6-8 years old

7-8pm ages 9-11 years old

$40/person Message, text, or call 252.382.2536 for more information/registration. 

After School

The after school sessions are based at partnering schools, available only to students that attend the school, and who are in first to third grade. The program is daily from 2:15-5:30 which includes soccer, snack, mindfulness, and free play. 

Full Time $300/student monthly.

Part Time (2x/week) $200/student monthly.